Mo’o 2.0 and the Power to be Happy


Copyright Living off Island, Writing Wahine, 2016.

Hawaiians believe that ancestral spirits watch over families. These spirits can take the form of things in nature, from rain and clouds to animals of the land, sea, and air. These ancestral spirits are called aumakua. One such aumakua is the mo’o, a reptile that can take the form of a dragon, a small gecko, or any size in between.

In January 2015, I wrote about a blue mo’o that visited me during an intensely emotional period of my life. After this experience, I learned that a visit from a mo’o could be a message to face your fears. This led me to examine the emotionally trying period I was going through when the blue mo’o visited me. I was able to see that I wanted something (out of my control) to happen so much that I thought I would not be happy unless this thing happened. I had externalized my ability to be happy, and I knew better. Happiness must be an internal compass that cannot be tossed and turned by the upheavals of life or by other people.

For the past several months, I once again have been in the position of wanting something to happen that is out of my control. I have worked to practice the lesson learned from the visit of my blue mo’o.

During a recent trip to Napa Valley, I came across a mo’o while I was walking through a peaceful garden. The mo’o climbed up a rock along a garden path and waited for me to approach. I greeted him and asked if I could take his picture. He let me take several photos.

The next day as I reviewed the photos on my laptop, good news came. The door that I was hoping and praying would open, but that I didn’t need to open, had flung wide open. A powerful, deep, and quiet feeling came over me. External events had not tossed and turned my internal bearings. The decisions of others had not dictated my emotions. I had not ceded my power to be happy, and my dream coming true was merely icing on the cake.

A smile came to my face as I thought about my mo’o. While a dream coming true certainly was reason to be grateful, I knew I had something more valuable to relish.


©Living off Island, Writing Wahine, 2016.


4 thoughts on “Mo’o 2.0 and the Power to be Happy

    1. Writing Wahine Post author

      Yes, that’s the goal. Like anything worth having, I have to work at staying even-keeled and serene, but it’s a good and necessary exercise. Thanks for stopping by and chatting. Happy writing!

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