Can High Tech Do That?


Dock Piling

Copyright Living off Island, Writing Wahine, 2016.

In this high-tech obsessed world where toddlers have computers and grade-school kids have cell phones, I often feel like the only person on the planet who can still be impressed by things that don’t require a battery. I took this picture of a piling at a San Francisco bay pier because I was astonished that a plant had turned the piling into its own pot and decided to grow.

You probably recall from grade school science that birds eat plants with seeds and redeposit seeds at new locations when they poop. The organic matter of the wooden pilings, water from the rain and air, and sunlight gave seeds in bird droppings everything they needed to take root and grow. This micro miracle was brought to us by nature – no battery required. As I took this photograph with my digital single-lens reflex camera, I thought to myself, “Can high tech do that?”


©Living off Island, Writing Wahine, 2016.

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