His Voice and Touch in Nature

Who covers the heaven with clouds,

Who prepares rain for the earth,

Who makes grass to grow upon the mountains.

Ka Mea i uhi i ka lani i nā ao,

Ka Mea i ho’omākaukau i ka ua no ka honua,

Ka mea i ho’oulu mai i ka mau’u, ma luna o nā mauna.

Psalms 147:8

I never regret taking the time to stop and admire nature’s beauty and power. No matter how tired I might get during a drive, no matter how much I want to maintain a certain pace during a walk, no matter how anxious I might be to get to my destination, the magnificence of Creation is always an open invitation worthy of acceptance.

Nature has the power to take my focus off whatever worries I have. It resets my perspective to a healthy balance. It gives me an opportunity to appreciate and to be grateful that I’m breathing, that I’m walking, that I can see, that I can hear, that I can touch.

These pauses are important moments of reflection and connection. I focus on what’s vital in my life, and I connect with the Creator who made everything and everyone, the Creator who does not lose sight of me despite the unfathomable vastness of His Creation.

© Living off Island, Writing Wahine, 2015. Photograph of Emigrant Gap, CA, by Writing Wahine, 2015.

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