Staying True and Devoted to My Own Voice

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 3.02.52 PM

Pahu (Traditional Polynesian drum)

My last post in this blog is almost two months old. It’s a poem about why I write. I remember not receiving any likes or comments about it, which isn’t fun, but growing thick skin is one of my life lessons. When I finally logged in this afternoon (after not remembering my password – embarrassing!), I re-read my poem. I liked it. I was shocked. I read it again. I still liked it. Good for me.

Here’s to all of us who march along to the beat of our own drummers. Here’s to all of us who create and express what pours out of us – in words, in paint, in textiles, in photographs, in music, in dance, in whatever medium. Here’s to all of us who choose to make ourselves vulnerable for the sake of honoring and sharing what gifts and talents we might have. The creative process is primarily a selfish act, because we’re driven by an image, vision, or thought that is clamoring to be born. May satisfaction, fulfillment, and joy fill our lives with every birth and inspire us to keep creating.

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