Love Heals


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His dad was a truck driver who was away from home a lot. Without a mom, he spent countless hours alone. Not spending time with others and not going out in public left him with limited social skills and a limited vocabulary.

When his father finally gave him up for adoption, he said the little guy often hid in a corner and cried. Left fearful and distrustful, life appeared to give the little guy a break when a family adopted him. Heartache paid him yet another visit when his emotional baggage proved too much for this family to handle.

This little guy’s name is Sam.

In my last post, I expressed my sadness over the probability that Sam’s behavioral issues were more than my family was prepared to take on. I was surprised by my emotional reaction to the prospect of not being able to keep this white and tan Cocker Spaniel who tugged at my heartstrings.

Learning about Sam’s past gave me the context I needed in order to understand his reactions and behaviors. Understanding the root of Sam’s pain gave me a roadmap for his healing. There was nothing in Sam that was broken; his experiences in the world broke him. His experiences in the world can heal him.

Like dogs who are abandoned or surrendered, we humans are all broken in some way. We all have a story behind our pain. The world could be a kinder place if we took the time to see people in the context of their lives, if we traced each other’s hurts back to their roots, and if we helped one another find the roadmap to healing.

Oh, and yes, Sam is joining our family permanently.



Copyright: Living off Island, writingwahine 2015.


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