Invisible Capes

IMG_2877Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 11.57.23 AM


If you’re going through a tough time, privately or publicly, may you outlast it. When you do, you might feel like you have nothing to show for it. If you’ve lost your job, your house, your spouse, or your family, the word, “survivor,” might ring hollow for you. Don’t do that to yourself.

“Survive” comes from the Latin word, “supervivere” – super (over, beyond) and vivere (to live). If you’re a survivor, you’re a superhero, even as you look for your next job, even if you have no roof over your head, even if your relationship didn’t last, even if your loved ones are no longer with you.

If you’re still standing, even if you’re leaning against something, remember that the days of your tough times are numbered. You’re a superhero; you need only one person in the world to know this – yourself – but I know it, too.


©Living off Island, writingwahine, 2014.


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